Caked sperm flaked off Cynthia’s stomach when she woke up that Saturday morning. She was alone in the bedroom. The bastard was gone. As usual. She heaved a sigh as she lazily crawled to the edge of the bed, absentmindedly grabbing her ripped bra and panties. Her day was starting exactly as the days before.… Continue reading NO MORE

THE ‘JOBLESS’ HOUSEWIFE STORY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Yea, you’re right and I’m wrong. What do I know about a busy day? I’m but a ‘house’ wife, I stay put where I belong. After a day long, I’ve nothing to complain anyway. You said, at the sixth hour, you run along. That’s right, except that the house victim is earlier up an hour… Continue reading THE ‘JOBLESS’ HOUSEWIFE STORY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

SOMEDAY YOU’LL KNOW by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche

No one can hear the shrill sounds she heaves daily on the walls surrounding her. Cries mashed up in the silence of hearts, stone deaf to the vanity of halves. Or you think, she be the serpent, bearing the cross of atonement as every reneging servant fate-locked to silence for repent from errors owned in… Continue reading SOMEDAY YOU’LL KNOW by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche


One evening I sat amidst the gossiping winds Reading the dailies Sweet voices come calling From a distance, ‘Oyin ladun osan’ (The orange’s sweetness is honey) Gripped within by unseen compassion I forced my focus On the loss Super Eagles gained Brother, shey e’era osan? (Brother, will you buy oranges?) Lifted my eyes to see… Continue reading OMO OLOSAN 1