Never say “No”! I nod, this story I know Quite well, except the end. I ponder this as I lay in bed A woman is a needle Thrown into an ocean Many will try to cross that hurdle And fulfill the mission To possess a tamed bird I ask. “Is the needle now the bird?”… Continue reading YES OR NO?


If I marry you, not of love but of pity, And with you I face the altar to declare this union As a reward for how you‘ve cherished me, My flesh may bond into this sacred institution, But my soul‘s emotion-may never be near! My words may oath with thee, with divine promise, But absent… Continue reading NOT BY MERCY


The hips vibrate and hands clap As the legs clasp and unclasp To sweetened rhythms, sung On this day of extravagance. Hands wow even the Sky Heads joggle in style As drums strike, Out a rhythm for singing thighs Gallivanting in the ‘merrimental’ atmosphere of wedlock, Churning and miming chords of words Infectiously, in a… Continue reading THE AFTERMATH