Alade! Why have you secured your soul With greed? Hunting the shadows of fortune, You have acquired doom From the fading bloom. Ayoade! The creator Sketched treasures on your palm, But thou swapped it, For the ruins of nature; Now your destiny is entombed, In the graveyard of uncertainty. Darkness whispered your name Iyunade! For… Continue reading OLA (WEALTH)


To and fro the day’s old shaft living a life of a penny per day a man whose resolve lies in money filled with thoughts of none that is broken and lost to money’s bidding a slave with no shackles yet still bound Don’t be one please Written by: Mugana Dunamis


*Ndu k’aku, lets live and let live. My dear **Adaku, I leave your bee hive. I sing to the god of my belly. I’ll be loud and roar! I’ll be merry! What ails you woman?! Be calm! I’m the Man! +Ndi-moto can ride on! ++Ye m nkwobi na afo-anu(man)! Ah….ndu k’aku ***nwanne To mirth I… Continue reading NDU K’AKU


His head is without a brain! But he has a diamond crown! Boxers call him a lion! Which dog will not like a bone? He may be totally mad But he has a lot of gold! Priests call him Lord! Which horse will dislike a fort? She is not a penny’s worth! She is walking… Continue reading WEALTH