UNITY, NOT UNIONISM (a poem in Yoruba and English)

If you asked Ṣàngó to bless Okoro He would ask with rage of fire in his mouth Who is Okoro? If you asked Amadioha to go save Igbos in Kano He would ask if it’s a quarters in Nnewi If you called on the soul of Usman Dan-Fodio To help the Hausa-Fulanis living in Lagos… Continue reading UNITY, NOT UNIONISM (a poem in Yoruba and English)


Awoken by a kick on the door Frightened by my mother’s screams… Barely awake They grab me Force me down Rip my panties His accomplices hold my hands Spread my legs and gag me The rebel leader drops his pants With a sinister smile I hear mother; Screaming Soliciting Praying He rapes me with dignity… Continue reading SILENT TEARDROPS


“Park! Park! Park! Wey your particulars?” They bark. Bark! Bark! Harassing us, like a Rottweiler, They spring out from the dark, Pouncing on the innocent Doctor, student, driver, actress… Compounding our daily stress. “Park! Park! Park! Wey your particulars?” They bark! Bark! Bark! But, they seek our colored notes in particular! Vampires, with bloodshot eyes… Continue reading MEN IN BLACK


I saw a soldier by the church steps Behind the pile that now smokes. His torn tunic showed bloody biceps, His eyed reddened like a fire stoked. His tears ground a trough On hollow cheeks withered and sunken, His neck thick and rough, His once sturdy legs weak and broken. From the field of fierce… Continue reading RED EYED SOLDIER

BLEEDING SOUL (For sexually abused children)

Little She, The sun left her sky so fast And her moon vanished under groans Of lustful beasts and hungry wolves That eclipsed day, Did she pray For life to end suddenly And the invading pains with it? Did she close her eyes in shame And await the final thrust? Did she wish for thunder… Continue reading BLEEDING SOUL (For sexually abused children)


Like lightening they strike, Armed with arsenals And cities streets they seize In wild thuggery! Countless bodies, lifeless They leave behind On their bloody paths Sending shivers to our spines! Deadlier than loaded cannons, In hours they will be gone! But the few hours We will wish had never been! They are the Boko boys!… Continue reading BOKO BOYS

FORCED MARTYRDOM (by Chikatito Jones)

The sap and milk of our land: Vibrant young men And nubile young women Poured out in the dust By cruel human hands… …On the grounds of Mubi, In the ashes of Aluu…! We stood by and watched! We did nothing! Their outcries we ignored! In Mubi, they gave their lives, Their futures for religion… Continue reading FORCED MARTYRDOM (by Chikatito Jones)

RUMORS (by Moses Opara)

All around here and there, Rumors are travelling on wings And sirens are ringing In many a heart! All faces are wrinkled And poised in ignorance, confusion and fear, With tears of sorrow in deceptive lies, Ready to shower from their cheeks! All are lost In strangling moments of deceit. Filled with lies, That fly… Continue reading RUMORS (by Moses Opara)