PLATEAU BLEEDS by Victor Igiri

Throw JOS some black lit candles. Again we write more chapters in our ‘book of bloods’ with the narratives, an heritage for distant tongues to tell whose skins are unpeeled by cowry demons, but bruised as Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa, Adamawa, Kaduna, Zamfara,… and more to come. I hear that there is no justice in the… Continue reading PLATEAU BLEEDS by Victor Igiri

WAR by Ganiyu Mohi Adedare

© Teun Voeten, Ganta, Liberia, June 23rd 2003. Ganta is a small town, 250kilometers NE of Monrovia, on the border with GuinnŽe. Rebels from the LURD (Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy) captured the town but were beaten back by President Taylor's goverment forces. During fierce fighting, the LURD rebels, who have their bases in GuinnŽe, relentlessly shelled the town. Excited members of government armed forces/militias in a pick up truck. In the back a piece of anti-aircraft gun.

Red-Rider Who again is soaring the walls of war after the death of soldiers? Who will show us how swords and guns turned the dusk to nightly behavior and erased the power of blood shedded on ground that birds could drink and live upon. Who shall wake us when the forenoon appears to show the… Continue reading WAR by Ganiyu Mohi Adedare

DIARY OF A SOLDIER AT WAR by Kujembola Oluwaseun

Yesterday, we remembered the victors and conquerors; Today, we remember the vanquished and conquered. Yesterday, we danced in the rain; Today, we embrace the cold. Yesterday, our echoes were of happiness of victory savored. Yesterday, we rent the air with fists of godly mortals. Only yesterday, smiles devoured faces despite pain. Yesterday, we forgot our… Continue reading DIARY OF A SOLDIER AT WAR by Kujembola Oluwaseun

MARAUDERS by Christopher Labesa

…there is sadness in the face of the moon. Boom boom! Marauders at the door. Boom boom! Gory chunks on the floor. Marauders; those marauders;disgruntled fragments of the Sahara storms; with blood as token toast,broke into our dozing homes, transcending into our deepest dreams;their sword of enemy deep; like thorny rain in soundless nightmare, their… Continue reading MARAUDERS by Christopher Labesa