One evening I sat amidst the gossiping winds Reading the dailies Sweet voices come calling From a distance, ‘Oyin ladun osan’ (The orange’s sweetness is honey) Gripped within by unseen compassion I forced my focus On the loss Super Eagles gained Brother, shey e’era osan? (Brother, will you buy oranges?) Lifted my eyes to see… Continue reading OMO OLOSAN 1


Get down to the bed And let me make you red After all I’ve paid the dowry It’s time to pay yours Off with your clothes And out with the light I will make love with you tonight It’s my given right Shut your mouth Menstruation or not I have the right I can use… Continue reading CONJUGAL RAPE

BROKEN (a triolet)

She took death pills while counting her curses. A brutal husband and a barren womb… Her disconsolate heart, grave grief, nurses. She took death pills. While counting her curses, Her fidgeting hands scrawl suicide verses. She hopes to find rest in a quiet tomb. She took death pills while counting, her curses, A brutal husband… Continue reading BROKEN (a triolet)


Merry, they shatter my cherry The same cherry I had denied The prince I love and cherish! “Let’s wait till our wedding night” Now I’m forcefully taken I shed a painful pile of sighs! Brutally rude were the dudes. So mean! I rained curses gasping in pain “May they suck agony and end vain”


Her love Is blessed from above Her word Decries my shabby mood Her presence Changes my monotonous mood She built me a palace in her heart So I would not be a derelict Her love sweats amity, its dew gets me conscious This is no dalliance Conscience in me not to be a philanderer Knowing… Continue reading RARE LOVE