THE FOLLY OF EVERYTHING: RISE TODAY by Kanyinsola Olorunnisola

The fire in her eyes seared my soul coal-black, Heaves of despair slouched her small, scrawny back, Engraved on her spirit was a weary lonely lack. For the first time, I fell for a street-side beggar-girl, Oh, my poor mind was in a wild wild whirl, Left stricken by the virgin thunder of agape affection,… Continue reading THE FOLLY OF EVERYTHING: RISE TODAY by Kanyinsola Olorunnisola


She is all i think about at night Till I fall off dreaming I was her knight I wake everyday to the plight Having to do away with my thoughts As the dawn and dusk began casting lots So many wishes I have for us I am afraid to be too anxious But dear time… Continue reading I WISH


May it be that when this bloody combat ends, We sit outside that same veranda, where we chewed kolanuts of ruin and drank wines of doom. But then shall our weary teeth whiff out smiles. When this struggle that ruthlessly swept away the feet of our nomadic sages shall end, Our mournful night shall go… Continue reading MAY IT BE


Omotughele Damsel from Ughele My Urhobo queen With beauty unparalleled Precious like gold Shining like a diamond You stand out in the village My gratitude to the ancestors Who preserved you for me They will always have their libation You hold me spellbound And dazzle me with your being You whet my appetite With your… Continue reading OMOTUGHELE


Years ago, someone told me “Take caution when it comes to love Because people create illusions In their ways, they hardly fail While yet alive, no need for a reward When I die, I know I will be worthy My past they will remember for good My good deeds will grace its reward Now in… Continue reading SCARS