WE SMELL LIES, WE SELL TRUTH by Oloyede Joshua Adekunle

Family favours favouritism Mothers’ favourites,sons Fathers’apple eyes,daughters We smell lies Lies’ tie tied around our cords Teachers teaching cheat Cheat cheating teachers Corruption crisis Broken walls falling We smell lies Law-makers lording law with lies Lies lording law-makers’ laws Clash of titans Constitution suffers,tragedy We smell lies Family flees favouritism Fathers’ favourites,vchildren Mothers’ apple eyes,… Continue reading WE SMELL LIES, WE SELL TRUTH by Oloyede Joshua Adekunle

MERCHANTS OF TRUTH: by Awa Chigozie Jerome

The people’s silence curled around a thorn caressing the walls of their tongues a caveat dressed in blood maiming their tongues with rods painted in colours of fire from bravery,their songs paid homeage to graveyards whistled serenades for the bones and elegies painted in white guarded the cemetry merchants of truth sell our minds like… Continue reading MERCHANTS OF TRUTH: by Awa Chigozie Jerome

TABLET OF TRUTH: Benjamin Elemide

TABLET OF TRUTH (Letter to my sister) Oyinlola, Money can never worth the sweetness of honey Neither can volume of sweat determine income. Honey, indeed is honour, in truth, dignity; Its sweetness subjects tongues to temporal lust, Its scarcity pockets minds with intense desires: Guard yours jealously, you won’t regret you do. Oyinlola, Time comes… Continue reading TABLET OF TRUTH: Benjamin Elemide


Unhindered, Walls fall and crash Like rain down the drain. With in-built gain in pain, We fumble in brightness… Every stain bearing a shine. Hope, Worn in robes-borrowed, Comes like the gain in every rain Clearly seen without a pain. As crash-to-crash roll, Nuts dump for period cracks. Enamoured with weighty cranes, Pain wins deep… Continue reading ARMOUR OF STEEL

THE GOOD, THE BAD by Dumejes Momalife

Is evil good? Sunlight is planted on their path ”Nemesis will catch up with them” And then, shall those the grim Haram-bombed resurrect? Will the budding breasts Gaddafi soaked in sorrow when he forcefully punctured their hymen become virgin again? ”Nemesis will catch up with them” This consolation no longer consoles.


The men in khaki Hurl missiles with impunity To disperse the bemused mob Whose rights lay slain On the altar of ruthless power Dark clouds hang over the city Thundering threats of doom Inhabitants agonised At the imminent calamity Set to ravage this enclave once more Women pace and plead for peace For their unknown… Continue reading TRUTH