Adanma! Why do I dance To the cadence of your heart And entertain the chant From your soul? Nneka The hamlet princess Persisted in trapping my spirit Beneath snare of lusting desires. She desires to sense my palm Caressing her tense parts, She begs me each time dawn cracks To sing her a loving melodious… Continue reading ADANMA! SHALL I WAIT


All seem to be intoxicated by modernization, making corruptions the order of the day. Were we colonised to forget the ways of our fathers, now and repeatedly, impervious to correction, seeing the real truth as old fashioned? Where is your pride, O youths!? Calling your mothers tongue irrelevant because of the borrowed one you utter!… Continue reading DRIED ROOTS


The gunshot has been fired The athletes have left the mark too: The best was leading His joy approaching Suddenly, he is on the ground, Falling and rolling Ah! Someone pushed him… Thus is the present day Earth sinking deeper into bad waters And dark hands Who hold the knife And hold the yam, Where… Continue reading LET THE CLEANSING BEGIN


My stance is cast, Pelt me with pebbles of hate Cast me in the armor of prejudice I shall remain the debris of my yesterday For the offspring of tomorrow Must not be awash by strangers’ drum beat My past is my today, The ancestors gaze down at me Faces endlessly stern I must not… Continue reading I WEEP BECAUSE…[2]


At the market place, And the fireside, under, The Udara tree, I have seen them mock you, And worship your death. You, *Okonko, Public shamer, Whose music made men merry, Terror you were to wicked hearts. You who summoned to your courts, With the wave of a palm-frond Child of the 7 streams, At the… Continue reading OKONKO