SCARS by Mayor Jake

My heart is pegged with scars. Each scar, telling different tales. Beautifully bitter scars looking like gars That are made to live within the dales. I don’t want to tell you the story Of how I got emotionally injured. Though it may sound and look gory, But I’m presently uninjured. I’ve placed myself behind the… Continue reading SCARS by Mayor Jake

WAITING FOR TOMORROW by Aisosa Omorodion

When the bride finally meets her groom All will be set to utilize the bedroom As it is the zenith of the bloom Yearning for another tomorrow promises Working restlessly to meet the processes Then child emerge to add spices, a huge successes Bachelors and spinters already clung to their blankets Lion is still frightened… Continue reading WAITING FOR TOMORROW by Aisosa Omorodion

THE SECOND COMING by Joshua Levites

Before morning, there was moaning Smearing the innocence of the night, With two bodies entwined, To cause havoc Absent conscience, Absent worries, No thoughts, Just sounds, Gasps, And then snaps Coming together in harmony With shivering waists, Stiffened necks Determined legs, No regards to shame. The night just couldn’t wait. For the coming of the… Continue reading THE SECOND COMING by Joshua Levites

NEW YEAR by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

Let all hearts break into joy With gratitude boiling Beyond containing measure For the great pleasure Of witnessing a New Year Like a sweet soft flowing streams The year has swept our feet Washing us with elation And drawing close our dreams For greater actualisations Like mist amidst the greens Yesteryear has disappeared Into past… Continue reading NEW YEAR by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko