MYSTERIES IN MY THOUGHTS by Amao Williams Praise

Mixed feelings evaporate from my mind, Mixed thoughts propagate from my heart – I don’t seem to appreciate its kind But, I wish to relate with a bit of its part. Oozing words of depression try to propel From my confus’d and flummox’d bowel – Like a stimulat’d effusive odourless faeces, I began dissecting my… Continue reading MYSTERIES IN MY THOUGHTS by Amao Williams Praise


I think life is more than what we take it to be. We take what we can from it and we just let it be. No questions, no answers, just living like we should; ‘coz we don’t want the bad and ugly, we only want the good. I think our worlds are different, we just… Continue reading WHAT I THINK


”Interpret not my words with the color of your minds” Shock! plastered all over the pages of the morning papers, a dilemma of occult, fine black pop-star encrypted in white skin, misappropriated identity, a direct consequation, the secret hid for years is found, that underneath this clean, white paper of mine, lies a thick lake… Continue reading THIS THING ON MY CHEST


Thoughts in times of tyranny Keep awakening my jaundiced eyes Whispering into them, the realities I never knew Thoughts! Be my castle As I take a bow into it With glittering smiles and wishes Yet, the beginning of my Manhood O! Thoughts of many colors Paint me into a favorable favor… For every night is… Continue reading THOUGHTS