Achebe,Today marks off your living breath And you leave this deadly worldBut our memories of you still prevailAnd they keep reminding us that you’re still aliveThough, you’ve given your mortal to the graveYou’ll never decay but live till we join you Achebe,Indeed you’re the great Iroko of our timeYou sheltered other trees and they took… Continue reading THE INK-HORN ACHEBE


I stood mute at the news of your demise Beyond the oceans are my tears Your voice spoke beyond continental boundaries About the gang raping of our culture Your embodiment was the persona of Okonkwo Chinua, the literary prophet has gone, Gone, but not without a message The message of a certain country, You heralded… Continue reading EXIT OF THE ICONIC INK

FALLEN STAR (for Chinua Achebe)

Things fall apart, the centre can no longer hold The living embers in the hearth have grown cold The Lion on the rock has gone beneath An Eagle has fallen by the Grim Teeth Petals of our Pride in frost lay Threnodies travel with the One on the Lost’s Way In cornucopias our wails abound… Continue reading FALLEN STAR (for Chinua Achebe)


I’m young, I’m strong I’ve been here for so long While others left, I’m still holding strong I’m here now, I’m gonna be here A thousand years from now I’m your modern day Methuselah, If you doubt me ask your great grandmamma, Or better yet consult your great grandpapa I’m here now, I’m gonna be… Continue reading IMMORTAL