What truly would be my gain if I honour your incessant pleas? Is it not pleasure and later pain that thy venom lives to release? You say it’s good, it’s sweet, it’s fun and make it appealing for all to see yet you shield the terror borne of such unholy greeting completely.


She is smiling at me while the pastor prays. Her almond eyes stalk me like a wild feline Tracking a prey. Each time I do my eyes raise She is smiling at me, while the pastor prays! I’m lost in lust. Will I survive these forays? Ah, Temptation offers a fruit I cannot decline! She… Continue reading PREDATOR


Stars fade into her Skin. I quickly lowered my gaze. I’m alive but her beauty has already sent my brain into the cemetery. “Perfect curves, perfect ass” The Devil whispers. “If you’re not a learner, take her in and turn this winter into a summer solstice…” Written by: Harun Oye Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson