Tiny gleams of tender loving light All about the valley of my mind Singing the symphonies to unite The cords of sweet grace and peace of mind Moving with the gentle winds to find The fireplace where passions ignite The flames of love, burning behind Tiny gleams of tender loving light… Subtle enough for tears… Continue reading FIREFLIES


”Interpret not my words with the color of your minds” Shock! plastered all over the pages of the morning papers, a dilemma of occult, fine black pop-star encrypted in white skin, misappropriated identity, a direct consequation, the secret hid for years is found, that underneath this clean, white paper of mine, lies a thick lake… Continue reading THIS THING ON MY CHEST


Not carvings on wood But engravings on dust Breathing dust, walking dust Markings that define so good Carvings on dust Art of perfect fingers Some are lovely singers To whom melodies are gold for cost These are not tattoos Which, with the skin, decays Or fades before a beaming ray They steady in the whirls… Continue reading DEEP MARKINGS