I. Nervous hour a foiled track scented shadows loosen grim swell on the patch, where a hope has taken shelter page-turners in dissension hang dreams in mellowed wrench. These yawns tear out the frazzled lips defy hearts to the hive of fear so they may taste none from within. Before harmattan glance through an alarm… Continue reading SCENTED SHADOWS


Where we were once bound… When love we claimed to have found. What then is this heavy shackle? We used to drink from heaven’s pond! Did we indeed trade freedom for slavery? Did we to drunk gods sell our souls in a hurry? Does love come, hiding a poisoned dart? Does it weaken the mind… Continue reading UNTITLED


Until you hear the Scotsman play the bagpipes in the early morning mist of the Scottish highlands, you have heard nothing. Until you hear the Irish maiden sing ”O Danny Boy” on the lush green fields of the Emerald Isle, you know nothing. Until you hear the Welshman sing ”Men of Harlech” in the beautiful… Continue reading THE PASSION THAT BLEEDS


”Interpret not my words with the color of your minds” Shock! plastered all over the pages of the morning papers, a dilemma of occult, fine black pop-star encrypted in white skin, misappropriated identity, a direct consequation, the secret hid for years is found, that underneath this clean, white paper of mine, lies a thick lake… Continue reading THIS THING ON MY CHEST