SWEET SUIT OF SOUL by Oluwaseun Shedrack Akodu

In her I saw mistress again Pleasure that makes The teeth tells Of how closeup works The spices of yummies Lies in her breathe Emotion Emissaries Captivating the Solomon In the beholder Treasury of rose buds Beautifying the garden of the begotee Sweet suit of soul Of Solidarity to her suffice. Piece, peace of abyss… Continue reading SWEET SUIT OF SOUL by Oluwaseun Shedrack Akodu


Silence is inscribed On screaming walls, Vacuum crawling on Shadows’ facade, I am the soul, lavishly endowed But preserved in diligent darkness. I am your soul Patterned in apparel of radiance Installed in Skull as a steward But man is just a graveyard To dwell in. Negligence is consecrated With stinging spear In your courage,… Continue reading SOUL


Jesus, Lover of my soul Let me to Thy bosom fly While the nearer waters roll While the tempest still is high! Hide me, O my Saviour, hide Till the storm of life is past Safe into the haven guide Oh, receive my soul at last Oyeniyi Samuel Olayemi


Tiny gleams of tender loving light All about the valley of my mind Singing the symphonies to unite The cords of sweet grace and peace of mind Moving with the gentle winds to find The fireplace where passions ignite The flames of love, burning behind Tiny gleams of tender loving light… Subtle enough for tears… Continue reading FIREFLIES


  “A cut or two; none too deep” A bleed, a tear None wasted For erstwhile, our hands, we smear With hope. Lie blasted At the doors of truth and Faith holds not a stare Wherewith in Hope’s hand We seem to bare Our trust, our love Now lost in lust Shrivelled up in the… Continue reading LOST SOULS

NEW NOTES by Oku-ola Abiola Paul

Its aroma is alluring Like the sweet fragrance of the rose Its colour, inviting A handful will cause a matchless pose Behind it is a spirit The spirit of take, take and take more You can never have enough of it Even the richest envy the little in possession of the poor

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Don’t look at me like some kind of star, When I do signs and ye marvel in wonderment. Don’t praise me, please; I’m just a jar – Privileged to be filled with the Master‘s content. As the Lord’s creation, made for His will, He’s got me set up like a pencil Dusted off and lifted… Continue reading JUST A JAR