GEHENNA: by Aremu Adams Adebisi

Gehenna, The long narrow thorny pass Through furnaces over some muddy floors, Terribly disgusting to lost lamb’s souls; Sending forth malignant odors To their ephemeral bodies. Gehenna, Unaccessed by the living; dungeon of their deeds. The reward of some vituperative mortals – Those with elusive repudiation of its terror state. In the darkness, their darknesses… Continue reading GEHENNA: by Aremu Adams Adebisi

A CHORISTER OR A CHAOS-STER? by Aderogba Adekunle

A chorister? Or rather a chaos-ster? I see, you are known a chorister, But pride clothes you in latest vogue Chameleon skinned, you rogue! A chorister or a chaos-ster? Your cock-a-hoop body makes its stand on the transept Echoing at the top of its voice as it utters “Nobody dares to question me! Not even the… Continue reading A CHORISTER OR A CHAOS-STER? by Aderogba Adekunle

THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT: Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka

It dangled loosely on the tree Fully ripe and sold for free Eve called me near to see Come, I did as she smiled at me! The Serpent grinned in its eyes, joyful tears brimmed As man committed the forbidden deed Lusting after Serpentine creed For this,God’s heart did bleed For the devil destroyed His… Continue reading THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT: Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka


Half way up Isn’t on top Walking half way from down Can’t win you the glorious crown Let heat melt you Or ice freeze your skin to blue. Staying either hot or cold is good form Better than been lukewarm. Like referees’ decider coin Choose head or tail for both can’t con-join. Not same is… Continue reading GOD OR MAMMON?


I go down the aisle of God’s place Dressed in my very best lace. I know it’s already late yet I walk at snail pace I say, this is afterall a temple of grace Is this where I shall see God’s face? Will I stay here all my days? Not me, I am only here… Continue reading GRACE


I live by your word Lord Equipped by your spirit Your lead is my desire Guide me till the end of time Heavens… Angels’ wings gloriously shown The majesty throne and honours Heads bow down with thunderous worship I wanna be there… My baritone voice singing ‘Hosanna!’ My eternal home at last Never will it… Continue reading HEAVENS