No matter where you belong, through discussion and sharing your stories with others you can become a known person for each other. Storytelling is the most important factor to inspire and influence other people. Everyone in life has some sort of strange stories. As Robert McKee said: “when we want mood experience, we go to… Continue reading STORYTELLING IS IMPORTANT


Look me in the face, a little closely I hope you notice the fading scars Yes my wounds are healing gradually I could have run off in a heartbeat When hell splashed its magma and lava My limbs were too weak To carry me far from my worries If I had fallen by the road… Continue reading I HAVE A CHOICE


Can you imagine a decade from today? You are now a fine spouse, a parent of two. To revisit your college once was your dream. Now that reverie has become reality. You stand within its walls glimpsing around. You see… The long pathways of fate forlorn ahead Bundles of scattered leaves everywhere, Fallen from the… Continue reading HEAVEN WAS ONCE HERE


A tune was played near; One of loss, a sorrowful song. A chant was heard from afar; One of joy, a victory song. Two ends of one tale. One the start, the other, the end. Often, human eyes can’t see beyond the present. The product of tomorrow remains unseen. The tale begins with an ordinary… Continue reading VANQUISHED HEROES


A blood-filled surge prompts a spew, but odd timings saw all down her fleshy drain and I resumed with banged efforts and permutations and more squirting of pulsating jets, but no news to whisper, oh, no tidings! * * * * Holding back blames, we saw through ourselves against the prying eyes of a curious… Continue reading SPURTING SPREE


It was a very strange thing. He loved her; loved her since the first time he had met her but she was in a serious relationship – or so she said. But it was pretty clear that she liked him, because no matter what she was doing she would make time for him, always making… Continue reading PAUSE


I wooed a lady Every morning, afternoon, and night I was at her window Singing like nightingale some beautiful love songs Solomon in all his verses could not write Her mother asked me ‘John, can only songs melt the a lady’s heart’ Go and buy her a posh Prado car Expensive diamond jewelries And be… Continue reading I WOOED A LADY

LITTLE THINGS [of kindness, and loving]

I sat silently in the middle, Surrounded on all sides, By my homeland walls. Turning, I faced the North. So much blood bathed my face That I soon turned my visage South, But oily tears the revolting stench of corruption, Had me averting my face! The East and West gave no respite! So I stood… Continue reading LITTLE THINGS [of kindness, and loving]