THE BEAUTIFUL ONES by Martins Tomisin

A school girl holds a Nigerian flag as she joins a parade marking Nigeria's 54th Independence Day in Lagos October 1, 2014. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye (NIGERIA - Tags: POLITICS ANNIVERSARY) - RTR48JM4

Roused in the heart of night I sit and stare Boiling in the rhythm of thought On this road, Life lost, Life saved, Beauty flies by and by Pain flies by and by Hope dashed against stones Story meshed upon stories Beforehand, They pop up like a RAVEN That fed Elijah meat and bread. Feeding… Continue reading THE BEAUTIFUL ONES by Martins Tomisin

WOE! TO THE WEEDS ON FIELDS by Olajide Teniola

Woe! To the weeds on fields For their days are numbered still Woe to he weeds on fields! For they daily strive with planted seeds Their end will be without glamour For theirs s a life without glamour They hypocritically preach the “change” sermon But they are the ardent “corruption” demons Their hands are swift… Continue reading WOE! TO THE WEEDS ON FIELDS by Olajide Teniola


Driver, you stopped by them calling out In your sugar-coated voice of canvassing For the need for change and development And adequate uncommon mobility That promised a progressive destination. Driver, you wheeled off when the passengers Have entrusted in your care their words, Lives, luggage, and their senses of belongings After much sufferings under the… Continue reading PROGRESSIVE DESTINATION: Aremu Adams Adebisi


Making fictional fiction Handling the hand without a handle Gossip, our disgrace of truth We are so special Our absent minded self Is so ignorant about it… Forgetting to explain Gear expressions capriciously Like value


I look to thee when I need a hand when thy brothers offer me nought and though thy maker made thee great thou concealeth thy face, you worsen my lot What then is thy use up there since idleness is thy close friend? should I not in one blow strike thee and fashion thy end?… Continue reading THIS BRAIN!


as so ‘dime’ it might be; a splotch on the existence of humanity as bile, when dropped on other part taints it Sin, just like an oil drop on a palid garment renders the fabric’s fashion less attractive when peeped through all sides are affected This planet, examination centre, where we all are to b… Continue reading SIN


Dem call am law We take am raw Dem say dem go school And dem no go stop to loot.. How we people wan tek akomplish mission When we nation no get vision? Dem say na politics, Why dem com dey play us tricks? Dem say na govment fo di pipul Oya make dem stop… Continue reading BETA TOMORO


Sitting here alone, confined to my troubles Breaded by my worries that pierce through my marrows I long for an escape from these troubles that compound my worries Worries tearing through the depth of my marrows Troubles from my worries, wondering about the future… Of unborn child and the cruelty of unsterilized knives Of girl… Continue reading OH! MY SWEET NIGHTINGALE