Sparkling with radiance, gracing the morn Men, come of age, came scouting at dawn Whilst the wise rose got woven in blissful wedlock The haughty, out of folly, dared no man to pluck When comes a new day, it fades with the moon Its radiance and beauty vanishing too soon With each day that dawns,… Continue reading LINGERING ROSES


  Love…. Is a rose When we pick it rough The thorns treat us false But then When we go gentle The petals treat us true. Written by: Zainab Manko Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


A ROSE (by Abel Iseyen Ancientman) (Please Help promote Poetry by LIKING our page) I am a rhodologist She is a rose – the best of it kind. I tend her, She phalerates the world. She is that beauty you see everywhere. How will the world look without her? She is that beautiful rose you… Continue reading A ROSE