When I heard of you, a familiar voice rang in my mind. I turned around, felt the dew Resting on the flower of my heart. I smelt you – your fragrance. When I laid eyes upon you, a breeze carried a hint of your presence. I knew it – your sweet essence. Time seized to… Continue reading TO MY RHYTHM


Another day, another time Another glaring news headline Another busy Naija street That tells its story bit by bit Each passing face a different tale Measured out on a different scale: The strange, ignorant passer-by That amuses my idle eye, The old sentry doing his beat Smoking stubs in the noonday heat, Jobless graduates at… Continue reading MY LITTLE NAIJA STREET


Rape and religion, lucre, death so cheap, Our country sinks deeper – a mounting heap. Our leaders serve with lips – or not at all, To power they grovel, to avarice thrall; Their cockroachy conscience nor warns nor howls Save to irritate our collective souls; They pipe promises with fine flutes of mud And snuff… Continue reading PATRIOT-TREASON


LORD how shall I own Thee dying on the cross For the world’s redemption to redeem our loss? Where with thorns they crowned Thee, I would see a rose Thy pierced hands uplifted raise us from our woes. Where the spear once entered Saviour draw me in, Let the blood and water cleanse me from… Continue reading CRUCIFIXION


That is not a smile creasing his fair face; It is only the work of the practiced brush Of a heart, seeking only to maim and crush. Escape, before you’re lost in his embrace! His heart knows naught of what his lips birth; The ‘I love yous’ are nothing but empty words Don’t listen, else… Continue reading THAT IS NOT A SMILE


  She’s filthy and it’s no lie She’s guilty and must die That, everyone knows. But mercy said no. On the scale of justice and truth, She ate the forbidden fruit She is a whore A prostitute to the core Instead of leaving her to be brought to book By the poison of the forbidden… Continue reading MERCY SAID NO


Shift my friend, please give me space, Allow me, don’t mind my craze. Have I not climbed o’er the ridge? Am I not here across the bridge? Come my friend, let do a dance For some are dead craved this chance! Yes, some that offered fervent prayers Lay still now in frozen chambers! Only a… Continue reading PLOUGH AWAY MY FRIEND