I. Die, hacker die! You bastard with no name Seeking to reap from my fame You steal my name and my face And recreate my respected space Die, hacker die! May you rot in the pit of shame I swear, a lorry will make you lame If you don’t stop the lazy man’s game A… Continue reading DIE, HACKER, MASTER OF STEALTH!!!


If I have to spend my time, I’ll stay away from crime, To catch a perfect rhyme Using poetic words I refined, In each verse, they are confined With my intention well defined And no verbiage assigned I give a piece of my mind And pass wisdom to man kind If a rhyme could hide… Continue reading PERFECT RHYMES


I’m down on my knees begging you My eyes were closed, I couldn’t see you I never knew your love for me was true Now if you leave, what will I do? I always told friends, that I’m a player But your love caught me and now am loyal I don’t know if you ever… Continue reading I’M SORRY


I am the coconut Dangling up above your head Pluck me if you want my nut The easy mango is up ahead I am the coconut My tough husk covers tougher shell Mere wistful sighs will come to naught To reach my juice you must know hell I am the coconut Though his shell be… Continue reading COCONUT


He sat on a pile of books, Lucubrated wrinkles cracked his looks, Geometry’s jugular, he clutched in a vice grip, And a crowd of tongues sprung from his lips, Yet frayed linen embraced his lean frame, As he squeezed little bread from his great name. Patriotism died, he fled the Motherland, Now strangers drink the… Continue reading BRAIN DRAIN


You fly the flag of Christianity Its god is the God of prosperity; The church has your attendance, Prosperity is all it preaches; Serving the forgiving God of riches, You make money by atrocities. “Your miracles is on the way, For it you must pay”; Seeking the price you go astray, Approaching is the Sabbath… Continue reading EVERYTHING NA DOUBLE DOUBLE