CRAWL under, jump! Obstacles must yield RUN after the one for whom you long STAND, fight on love’s battlefield FALL in love while still young a wizened heart is too cynical to love injured? CRAWL! come on, RUN! again, STAND if you FALL love is worth the trouble


IM(P)OSSIBLE Impossible: Imp Possible? Wimp! .. Failure: Fail Lure? Wail! .. Achievable: Achieve Able? Receive! .. Strive Thrive. STANZA 1: Impossible: Imp Possible? Wimp! *Here, I took a journey into the meaning of Impossible: IMP as a noun is a demon that has wings IMP as a verb means to give wings to someone or… Continue reading IM(P)OSSIBLE


Tiny gleams of tender loving light All about the valley of my mind Singing the symphonies to unite The cords of sweet grace and peace of mind Moving with the gentle winds to find The fireplace where passions ignite The flames of love, burning behind Tiny gleams of tender loving light… Subtle enough for tears… Continue reading FIREFLIES