I pledge to poetry My glorious country To straighten the truth Never to bend it To call a spade, a spade Not a spade, a rake I pledge to poetry My glorious country To combat all lies And office-ministers Who paint our souls a deceit With the colours of theft I pledge to poetry My… Continue reading I PLEDGE


I’m a poet All I do is write From my very first breath I chose to do the ‘poem fight’ I’m a poet I know no other hobby I’d rather unravel filth than support the unGodly I’m a poet-murderer The ‘pen’ is my weapon against political monsters No remedy for my venom


I Blue I paint, red I bleed On my saintly sheet Heavy ink purrs to set free II My pen whose eyes are raining My saintly sheet for brothers betrayed My ink for whose sweat drop in tears III Oh! My pen sings songs of elegies For mothers whose breasts naked-ly dance-dangle west-east For fathers… Continue reading RED FOR BLUE


It is a known fact Egg shall turn cock Piglet shall become pork Garbage in, garbage out says the computer Proper preparation prevents poor performance It is known, what’s sown shall be reaped Kittens copy the cats Soon they will wear their shoes What would become of tomorrow When its chick are misguided today? A… Continue reading YOUTH POWER