MY LOCER TURNS TO A WITCH ON SUNDAYS by Oppong Clifford Benjamin

I was as sure as faith and dance as darkness and its absence and as heaven and humans- I had no doubt that God was here And that God was there too; In sins, He was here and in the holiest of holies, He was there. It was a dark room under a dark rainy… Continue reading MY LOCER TURNS TO A WITCH ON SUNDAYS by Oppong Clifford Benjamin


Satisfactions, all in his obsessions If all desires are not granted as wished Man keeps to street, unkempt and disgruntled Forgetting patience does it all But nothing bad comes from patience Nobody complains without being granted Wish! Your God will do it in haste… Demanded so much blessings Like him that wants chieftaincy from heaven… Continue reading INSATIABLE ARE DESIRES


Like a C-rated movie the curtain call of paramedic entourage in heavenly brocade the silky sun stood still, watching over us like lambs of no mothers. The gods, being influenced by the syndrome of deltas, are chopping the soul of our man away to partake in the charade of the national cake. Just as the… Continue reading HIS EXCELLENCY’S RETURN


Daddy must not know Mama must not hear I’ve bitten more than I can chew! What will I tell mama? I made my beauty a god A lesser one than money I worship Nightly vigils on different beds I, ace chorister in the church Father is a pastor Mother an evangelist Ah! Someone help me… Continue reading A CHILD OF MANY FATHERS


Let the sky fall and crumble We remain in the rumble In the teeth of death, we won’t grumble Come flying arrows, no tumble Inebriated with despair, but we won’t stumble Gathered in confusion, life a mere jumble Ours lips still remain humble Impoverishment blindfolds us. Again, no fumble Mouths full of hopes, we mumble… Continue reading UNASSAILABLE FAITH


Long I labored, this wind to tame Sowed all my hopes in earthly brains, Their faith wavered like candle flame; Away, hanging on the Night, plain! Promises I smoked like cigars. Like pooch, I enjoyed sniffing words, Wagged my tail for pompous liars And now they have my ire incurred. Foolish me! The fault bears… Continue reading DISAPPOINTED