Brethren, if you are ready today Close your eyes, lets us pray I pray for you dear brethren May you serve your jail term In a luxurious hotel Like one ‘Oceanic- MaDam’ May you be set free, even when you are guilty Of stealing hundreds of millions of naira And live to enjoy like ‘Madam-speaker’… Continue reading LET US PRAY


In this world where everybody appears as a friend and those who surround you are enemies veiled by laughter as they embark on ruinous coup. Mouths you feed in agony with grains from your sweat attempt to cut your humanitarian fingers which provides them food not laboured for. And Friends collapse image you built with… Continue reading ENEMIES


I am royalty Thou knowest not? A prince with no crown Of a kingdom far, far away I am royalty Thou knowest not? In full regalia like a peacock In all it’s beautiful splendour Equity and fairness rules my King’s courts Justice and wisdom is my heritage All around I hear shouts “Hail, hail!”