Your face, lit like a furnace, burns with extreme covetousnessThe tongue in your mouth hungers for habitationIt has flowed out of its floppy residenceIn its quest for luxury, acquired with wasted wealth Drink to quench your unquenchable thirstYou brothers of Judas IscariotForget not to reconsider the loathful outcomeOf your heinous input that can dump you… Continue reading HOMELESS TONGUE

IT’S NOVEMBER AGAIN (a poem for Ken Saro Wiwa)

It’s November again! Feel these winds blow, see these leaves falling, No, it’s not Harmattan blowing. It’s Ken coffin calling from our coughing body frames. It’s that month again, when we count our losses, Name them one by one! Our hopes they hung on a line, And they dried them like rags in the sun,… Continue reading IT’S NOVEMBER AGAIN (a poem for Ken Saro Wiwa)