RAIN by Joshua Levites

Yesterday, The sky winked at us and we snubbed; Friends gisted, we feasted. The sky’s beauty, We treated with scorn. Sooner we realized The gracious threat of her graciousness And we were nearly torn, In hurriedness. To escape, The overwhelming smile foreseen. Only. It was late, already The sky exposed her teeth We saw the… Continue reading RAIN by Joshua Levites

RAIN by Saidu Mark Jatau

Oh! My soul leaped for joy watching the cloud cry today, She must have been beaten black and blue as I watched her tears pouring out uncontrollable today. Even the ground could not hide her joy She has been deprived of water to drink for so long, Now there is chill in the air and the song to play… Continue reading RAIN by Saidu Mark Jatau

RAIN by Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan

Rain,you this thin fat line running through the earth surface causing ridges’ growth. Thin you are tho mighty, Few you come but larger works, Feeble you look yet flogs hardly, Gentility smells in you though tough. Wet strokes running down from a pregnant cloud, Heavily causing havoc juxtaposing nutrients. Rain! Your helpfulness yield me income,… Continue reading RAIN by Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan


On your sneezes, farmers are bent to soar Whenever the moon turns to a count of four Regretting and rejoicing, we take you in It rains in May, when the heaven frowns And ties the weather in a log of clowns The sign the rainbow makes Makes us sad-happy, witnessing the rains in May Mother… Continue reading THE RAIN IN MAY


The clouds are too busyweeping to see that we aresoaked to our ragged pantsand our genitals have retractedinto their shells, like irked snails.Whose lips shall then mouth the needed protest, being already busy with mournful mumblings? Of which shall I tell you,now that you bother to inquireabout these endless rains; One threadlike, one windyOne saltened,… Continue reading RAINS


Here she comes… With her ever charming smile. A smile, bright enough to earn her the world and none will dare complain… She is dressed in royal gown,a mixture of purity with the lock of the iris… Ah, she is beautiful as ever… Who wouldn’t fall for her smile? show me a man that would… Continue reading QUEEN OF THE SEASON