The sun shone, a day so bright Many came in a-flight Different homes they did depart Leaving loved ones at heart They came to these four walls In which this firmament stands tall They came to learn But for lives did Death yearn Oppression contends not with mortals It even bereaved immortals But Authorities don’t… Continue reading DARK DAY


On this new page, I will paint words full of scary rage. So put on your war shoes, for these words will unearth your hidden foes. Brother don’t be naive, lest like Adam they get you through Eve. Ignore their pseudo laughter, for that’s the cheap means of plotting your slaughter. So Peter pull-off your… Continue reading RED PEN


Under angry sun,we stood to vote you inin scattered lanes. Lips dipped in honey bottles;you used them brilliantly,stole our heart with your liesenchanted us with deceit! Your eyes sold you to lust.Now, there’s nothing to show,after your forth year reign! But our roads are still dust filled;our throats are still parched from thirst,as we grope… Continue reading VOTER’S CURSE