HER SAD WISDOM by Dumejes Momalife

I Fair Matilda formed out of the morning sun This beauty caused rivalry between pantheons and fingers Her frown is more beautiful than the smile of Aphrodite and Venus II Is it possible for a butterfly to ignore a flowering honeysuckle? Mustaches from East, North, West, South came with their baits…

GAIA by Adeosun Oluwapelumi

It’s been years now I was given form Mother’s labour produced me I came from underneath mother’s skirt Where oblivion was all I knew I have seen mother open up Her skirt for older men and younger too What pleasure lies beneath mother’s skirt? Would she open up for me as she did for them?


Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah Where no iniquities are unleashed from purdah. In this place, sinners are no sinners Rather, merriment is made by the praise singers. Our leaders sit comfortably on the loot And hope is still imprisoned in the root. This place is hot like hell Mute we must be, for there’s none… Continue reading WELCOME TO SODOM AND GOMORRAH by Lekan Malik


I see wandering crowns Of morality’s foe Lost in the seas Dining with the deceased Wide and wild waist Heaped chests G-organs on-rest Battling breasts On strange men’s chests Royalty’s bead lost Dignity lost taste. I concede you’re beautiful But you’ve got a big job – be careful! To live by your will you’re free… Continue reading WANDERING CROWNS