MOOD OF PRAYER by Cletus Nnaemeka

Reminiscing Could remember those days We prayed in wonderful ways What a wonderful thing! That voice..”let’s pray”, “girls get your hair ties” “everyone, close your eyes”. It was actually time to ‘pray’ Preliminaries! Less concerned. Order made us more distracted, cos we became visionaries. Then came this acumen! Some saw with an eye half closed.… Continue reading MOOD OF PRAYER by Cletus Nnaemeka

SPIRITUAL EXERCISE by Benjamin Elemide

Exercise of fasting: Thirst for inspiration coated aspiration Hidden in the seen, and unseen Casted upon heart screen with colourful scenes; Hunger of meanings in meaning Explaining existence with the existing Longing for refreshments in deserts In quest to send void on errand from our ovoid reserve. Exercise of prayer: Dialogue of mind with sense… Continue reading SPIRITUAL EXERCISE by Benjamin Elemide

DEAR GOD: Paul Word

Dear God we need to talk, cause my heart is lone and long gone, my conscience gone for a walk. Within Your words i read that You’ll comfort me but the pellucid comfort i get is sorrow, was it a lie You told me?? Cause troubles surround me like an aimed arrow. The best You… Continue reading DEAR GOD: Paul Word


Why have you all chosen to go asleep You revered deities of our land? Violence has tilled the soil Upon which you reigned There is no longer joy in living As sorrow assaults the mind And pains poke the eyes Ọbàtálá ọbàtáàsà ọbatakuntakun The white deity in charge of creation The frames you moulded While… Continue reading ÒRÌSÀ ÌLÚ