Under angry sun,we stood to vote you inin scattered lanes. Lips dipped in honey bottles;you used them brilliantly,stole our heart with your liesenchanted us with deceit! Your eyes sold you to lust.Now, there’s nothing to show,after your forth year reign! But our roads are still dust filled;our throats are still parched from thirst,as we grope… Continue reading VOTER’S CURSE


These corporate criminals Are honest liars Holy thieves And gentle killers They campaign from North to South Relentlessly through East and West Spewing beautiful lies ‘We will build Chicken Republic in your parlors’ ‘Your sons will study medicine in Oxford’ These corporate criminals Are gentlemen with rotten minds Their purses are heavier than the Sands… Continue reading CORPORATE CRIMINALS

THE EXCHEQUERS (a political lament by Surhdique Adeogun)

I know those fellows, Those ones looking but corporate, With sagging cheeks, fat filled lips And bellies like pregnant cows. They approach the building beyond, Going behind closed doors For meetings, but spurious. Meetings seem to last forever But issues germane are undiscussed. I hear they own fleets of road machines And they alone dwell… Continue reading THE EXCHEQUERS (a political lament by Surhdique Adeogun)


They come again to spit their words, Our self-crowned Lords. What have we not heard? Are we not the gullible herd? Their words flow like rain Only to flow into the drain. In colors of rainbow they paint A blissful tomorrow with no taint. And with words that tease our hopes, They push us down… Continue reading POLITRICKS