You may be a politician who sells promises But never delivers the goods Using your country, for your benefit You are a leech sucking Life blood Deserving nothing but the fire of hatred From your own people Or you may become a politician Who faithfully serves for the peoples’ sake Not the benefit of your… Continue reading POLITICIAN


  Wheelers of power Vampires on wheels… From the stables of impunity They bake for us profanity Yet claim immunity! They steal, spill And peel us off our bond Make our scars permanent Hatred, malice and prejudice Same roads they refused to build They deny us of its use Of their maladministration We die From… Continue reading KILLER CONVOYS


They shun vigour and rigour pitch their tents near the hut of ineptitude… Mediocres passing off as statesmen! They forced us our dismembered spirit to kiss the dust laid a wreath on our tomb while still alive hobnobbing with decayed morality… Pretenders in garb of defenders! They feast on our gullibility while their divisive methods… Continue reading TRAITORS OF PRINCIPLES


It was a gathering of different thoughts The collusion of various minds “You need to follow the gospel” Is the voice of one “Get this for your health” Is for the other What is happening to this nation? Ask a patriotic citizen Says the other, “It is our leaders” “She can never be well again”… Continue reading NIGERIAN HIGHWAY SCENE


Under angry sun,we stood to vote you inin scattered lanes. Lips dipped in honey bottles;you used them brilliantly,stole our heart with your liesenchanted us with deceit! Your eyes sold you to lust.Now, there’s nothing to show,after your forth year reign! But our roads are still dust filled;our throats are still parched from thirst,as we grope… Continue reading VOTER’S CURSE


These corporate criminals Are honest liars Holy thieves And gentle killers They campaign from North to South Relentlessly through East and West Spewing beautiful lies ‘We will build Chicken Republic in your parlors’ ‘Your sons will study medicine in Oxford’ These corporate criminals Are gentlemen with rotten minds Their purses are heavier than the Sands… Continue reading CORPORATE CRIMINALS