SOLEMN VOICES by Mesioye Affable Johnson

The lines tracing the sacred lawn to where love resides now broken on the head of humanity with darkness Where wars and bombs could see through The hollows struck and shadowed by mean beings To secure sick silence at the other end where prognosis Is belittled by faded today and abetted by stained yesterday. The… Continue reading SOLEMN VOICES by Mesioye Affable Johnson

THE WA-ZO-BIA REACTION: by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Wa-Zo-Bia reaction: “Ig1+Yo2+ Ha4 — PDP0 (+APC1) = NeW 9ja” Jega dusted the crucible placed it on the Inec’s table “let us sample 9ja’s medullas!” he threw in tattered umbrellas brooms entered the mix “tick-tock”, time ticks “pour all into the mortar” people added Holy Water as Jega pounded with PVC Twitter turned a stormy… Continue reading THE WA-ZO-BIA REACTION: by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


In the name of God he begs He’s on his knees not his legs Just give him your votes And he’ll shower you with those plenty notes. Which do you prefer Broom or Umbrella? He’ll migrate just for your sake And promise you a share of the National cake.


without the comfort of a shoe he came as the missing clue — less one reason to worry “O, crown him! Hurry!” this fishing jonathan can’t kill a spartan! his land lies shekaued covered in iboric shroud pdp-ed and apc-ed at wheel in reverse goes the nations will if one good turn deserves another a… Continue reading 57 BIRTHDAY SHOES FOR JOLLY JO


A country our forefathers left with legacy and fortune A rich nation, full of honey and milk. Will we now mar her or let her be? Will the eagle soar above chaos and crisis? Will her cracks break her or heal up? The many riddles she could not fathom herself Nigeria, the lame giant. Will… Continue reading NIGERIA


They shun vigour and rigour pitch their tents near the hut of ineptitude… Mediocres passing off as statesmen! They forced us our dismembered spirit to kiss the dust laid a wreath on our tomb while still alive hobnobbing with decayed morality… Pretenders in garb of defenders! They feast on our gullibility while their divisive methods… Continue reading TRAITORS OF PRINCIPLES