These barracks don’t favor civilians It’s for the un-blooded We don’t remember our mortality off-hand So we face guns and bombs empty handed The armory is our heart And the will to survive is the only arm We are bred here, in these streets Far from Eden, closer to reality The reality of Adam’s sin… Continue reading SOLDIERS OF THE STREET by Ebuka Wiz Godwin

SILENT VOICES (AN ORPHAN’S CRY): Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

Silent Voices (An Orphan’s Cry) I know the feeling that Juvenile felt When deserted beneath an isolated tree, Do you know that feeling? The fear that gripped souls of those down-casted girls Waking up beneath miserable clouds. Do you know that feeling? The one which made me steal a bread from murderers When my stomach… Continue reading SILENT VOICES (AN ORPHAN’S CRY): Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun


“The pill did not work Afraid am I Can’t carry this child Clear this Lest we meet our doom” Numbness cut into his heart Lust had stolen his conscience “Sister, we can sin no more To kill human” Words boiled in tears His walk started in the park Ended in the sea He was the… Continue reading BORN OF BLOOD


Rivalry noise made on jam-packed street Of pot-holes and water filling feat Welcomes you to the database of quarreling lives, The Ghetto, where true hard-life lives… You can’t survive being a mumu Either castrated by Hemp-Indiana or marijuana You have to learn a trade Of gun toting or bottle breaking for survival… I’m an omo-ghetto,… Continue reading OMO GHETTO


Born into poverty Orphaned by HIV/AIDS Mind tattooed with dysfunctional memories Heart hardened by lives havoc Chassis overpowered by hunger Her eyes tells a factual story… First step out of poverty Loathe her to the streets Her naive mind manipulate her into prostitution Little does she know the consequences Nine months later… She gives birth… Continue reading BORN