Age is drizzling dew; earth retires, and frailty is set. Poor soul, make your bed; empty your chamber pot: no longer shall the Last Sacrament quench your soul’s longing. Or, shall you outstay your offspring? Owls have mounted on wings of mockery where pretty bats strew, preening for pageantry; there they sneer behind shattered mirrors… Continue reading ELEGY TO DOTAGE


  Before you close your eyes And bow out in grandeur Before you cease to know That the sun rises to keep the day And the stars dot the cloud at night Listen to your voice in me Life has everything to draw From the prints of yours upon sand Times will count down And… Continue reading TAKE A STROLL


Proud I am of the Pride The family inspiring poetic literacy Terrace of study where ignorance dies Hearts of knowledge that murder sins Paradigm of peace, achingly pleasing Here will my lust and lost will be sought And my Achilles heel be cured of its wound Words Rhymes And Rhythm family! House of knowledge and… Continue reading OUR FAMILY OF POETS


The sight of dawn stares happinessIn the belly of the farmerDusk brings the hunter joy beyond compareÀṣàkẹ́ ẹlẹ́yinjúẹgẹ́The radiance of your eyeballsShowers me with smiles from the soul Your winking pointed breastsLike round àkàrà moulded in hot palm oilIs irresistible in the eyes of menYour ever smiling lipsAre as inviting as honey inviting the antsYour… Continue reading ON BENDED KNEES I PAY HOMAGE


Woman Of the kingdoms of the Sine and Saloum, May God lengthen your life. To Serer’s Ancient saints, ancestral spirits And all the tribes of Senegal Brotherly greeting. I am a Wandering Piper Standing on the knoll of your knee To sing you songs… Pleasant Woman The Sizzling aroma Of pounded coos, of gourmet thiéboudienne… Continue reading SERER WOMAN

YOU REMAIN MY PRESIDENT (a tribute for John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills

In your 68 years of existence, you were reduced to a nonentity, you were ridiculed They created a platform for boys and girls Young enough to be your children and grand children to insult and mimic Your greatest achievement was not the development But your ability to resist the temptation to reply On your day… Continue reading YOU REMAIN MY PRESIDENT (a tribute for John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills

GRAVESIDE HOMAGE (for Christopher Okigbo)

Variegated streaks of a rainbow: Python and its dapples; Great Emperor of the Elysian field… The brass bell is dusted and oiled. The hibernating spirit-gods and muse Are summoned to pay their homage. Deft fingers, you that strummed On the seven-stringed violin, marshalling The grand worship at Pantheon. Mystique of lion; fortress of the den:… Continue reading GRAVESIDE HOMAGE (for Christopher Okigbo)


She birthed in me these seeds: Resourcefulness, decorum and faithfulness When my bones recline Trailing the weaknesses of my flesh Her knees become a tripod. With tears she’d watered my hardened soil Made them soft, a nursery bed Where she would plant those seeds That would sprout into an oak That, for ages, would tarry… Continue reading MOMA