Brigitte, the African Abcoulomb Igniting the darling design of our Acanthi Giant voice in my soundless Beginning Bigger for any write-hand adverb Raining rain on the raining tour Icing on a righteous rapini Giant voice in my soundless Beginning Igniting the acaudal abdomen of our Acanthi Teacher in a teaching tent Teacher that poets must… Continue reading BIG BRIGITTE, PRICELESS POIRSON by Ebi Robert


I called him ‘OKENYE UKWU’1 My father Onowu Iyasele Chike Ofodile A world of grand processions, rituals, rites of mystery, magic, sages and taboos of sweetest kindred ties and kindred fights of rules and trust which few would dare abuse. Inland Onitsha where his life did dawn a striking baby, prettier than a girl the… Continue reading OKENYE UKWU: A TRIBUTE)


Epua Love! Your strange name birds sings Just as it rings and echoes Everyone around me now knows That you hold what I want Epua! My goddess Your tender lips roll smoothly ’cause you speak so gently your eyes dart still they’re sexy these are all of a pretty Queen you were modelled perfectly Ah!… Continue reading ODE TO EPUA

#WhatCanWordsDo: ANGEL’S COO (for Maya Angelou)

If we’ll study war no more And leave not saliva prints Upon earth’s rickety tits; If we’ll tell truth beyond Colours of the skin Without cynicism freeing sneers Off our chin; If we’ll forgive our hate For loving another to stupor Brotherhood would be our perfect sin Written by: Antoni Chidera Okafor


My flute And gong All hang On my left shoulder, Kola and ofo well placed In my half-torn bag. Dancing to the Igede, I stride forth from The deepest part of The forest of Nkanuland. On this lonely part My journey begins. With a wobling knee, No strength to run But keep tip-toeing, I rest… Continue reading OKIGBO, HERE I STAND

KIS ISLAND (a birthday poem for Kukogho Iruesiri Samson)

Here I stand, beneath shadeless cover Of the wraith-like, bald trees Shooting wearied stares at my rain-barren clouds As I plead for words to rhyme with rhythm I beseech thee, heir of wordsmiths Let ink run through my veins Fecundate the uterus of my apprentice mind With the phallus of your quill Show me the… Continue reading KIS ISLAND (a birthday poem for Kukogho Iruesiri Samson)


How incredible the way it works To the techno-illiterates, magic Communication enhanced greatly Even semi-illiterates still cannot believe it Masts, cables, micro-chips All for the communication “magic” The techno-literates thank their stars For they understand the principles behind