“Na wen u break cook egg U go sabi say some dey carry double yoke” Na im be the best answer I get from oga minister When i ask why draw-draw No fit comot for our ogbono soup Na im i say no need to ask Why e be say the more Naija dey hammer… Continue reading I NO FIT SHOUT


Another day, another time Another glaring news headline Another busy Naija street That tells its story bit by bit Each passing face a different tale Measured out on a different scale: The strange, ignorant passer-by That amuses my idle eye, The old sentry doing his beat Smoking stubs in the noonday heat, Jobless graduates at… Continue reading MY LITTLE NAIJA STREET


Rape and religion, lucre, death so cheap, Our country sinks deeper – a mounting heap. Our leaders serve with lips – or not at all, To power they grovel, to avarice thrall; Their cockroachy conscience nor warns nor howls Save to irritate our collective souls; They pipe promises with fine flutes of mud And snuff… Continue reading PATRIOT-TREASON


There are many crafty tongues Licking our collective sweet alone We are left to chew whitened bones Struggling with their snarling dogs They bloody our soil to our detriment And feast on our labored harvest alone Leaving the masses with wrinkled faces Poverty romps around with open glee Massaging us unto madness Silently uncapping the… Continue reading HERE WE ARE!


I have been here all along. Watching patiently, like an owl I sit. I am awash with blood Like the butcher’s cutlass; In disgust, I spit upon this sands. I have been here all along, They even gave this land my name. I danced and rejoiced when she was set free. Yet, reserved I watched.… Continue reading RIVERSONG


Our votes we gave you, But, in return, pain you gave us. Hold on, we know time is ticking… This too will soon pass. You ride on our pride with ego, Taking out of our hands unjustly, Acclaimed ‘tin god’ we made you… But, this too will soon pass. As you sit atop, plucking all… Continue reading THIS TOO WILL SOON PASS 1


Hey, unpretigious friend! You clad in dark uniformed attire, Glued to your gluttonous body like a bird to its feather! As you parade in the lazy pride it gives, Its sour scent troubles civilian stomachs! “Police is your friend!” You chewed and spat the lofty words, Seeking undeserved well-done handshakes! But you haven’t uprooted its… Continue reading CIVILIAN TO POLICE


The anthem reverberates in our head, That we are the leaders of tomorrow. So young and naive, like morons, We waited for the day of manifestation. Alas, they only camouflaged to rule And we marched to their sweet verse, “The leaders of tomorrow”, But tomorrow never comes! We stood by and watched them, Shadowed by… Continue reading THE ANTHEM


In a land of abundance They dine with hunger, And court induced scarcity! Their nails are edible like cocoyam, They sleep under leaking roofs And they cry, “Oh God, maka why!?” Hummer legs trek to different destinations Running into bodies along the way, Dusty road that throws everybody into turmoil! Unemployed eager for watering jobs… Continue reading WHEN COUNTRY IS BAD


I’m the machine of my custom The horrid wheels of devastation I will let tradition lead and be its passenger Till time tilts and becomes still. For I had broken much of its hollow bones Yes! Tradition must ride, I pledge in truth. When stabbed with the saber of the corrupt I promise to stitch… Continue reading AS TRADITION RIDES