KAYEEFI by Yemi Osadiya

After KAYEEFI was born and bath Her veil was as tattered as a torn net Only a few friending shame vowed partnership. As time crept to welcome stages Her emergence and nature became a star She fights moral at every quarter Riding on the wings of civilization Her Veil peeled off, now in pure nakedness… Continue reading KAYEEFI by Yemi Osadiya


She proclaims her identity As a lady of substance and beauty But I pity her ignorance She dons priceless wardrobe of nudity Nonchalant of publicizing her vanity Feeling no strand of ignominy She displays more a moiety Of her rounded succulent calabashes Firmly pressed on the chest; The nipple making a spotty mark Through her… Continue reading WARDROBE OF NUDITY


You said it’s a vogue So you appear like rogue, Intentionally dragging a million eyes to sin With your expensive elegant rag You said it’s a fashion When you exhibit your flappy breasts Sagging like pig’s waist Can you blame the sun who punished them Made them dry and wrinkled Like the village mason’s clay… Continue reading IN THE NAME OF VOGUE