TALES BY NIGHT (a poem by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche)

magic butterfly take off from glass jar

Stare into the night, so you’d see the moon, swimming thru buoyant ocean of clouds. Stare, so you’d perceive from its trail, a desert of astounding grandeur

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BENEATH A MILLION ROSES OF PAIN by Oyelami Yetunde Elizabeth

Beneath a million rose of pain I’ll find solace in our joy’s gain I know my feelings cannot be vain I’ll let my soul be uprightly sane So as not to end my life not having a gain… Beneath a million roses of pain I chose sanity of what life really is I’ll love hope… Continue reading BENEATH A MILLION ROSES OF PAIN by Oyelami Yetunde Elizabeth

THE STARS by Obua Joseph

The night steals a march on my soul Such visions but uncommon for a blind man mocked by nature for his inadequacy The stars keep me company in this painful epiphany eternal darkness as my aid stick a companion come rain come shine How does it feel to be loved?

NAKED NIGHT by Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche

The night is naked, moon and stars hold hands singing sweet melodies with love protected. only great minds understand the power of holding hands. The night blows naked cold my thought is full of your pretty face. I desire your precious naked body to hold that I may sing to the sky in this place.… Continue reading NAKED NIGHT by Maxwell Onyemaechi Opia-Enwemuche

SILENT NIGHT by Akinkunmi Morountodun

Wake up lonely In the silence of the night Fear grips my poor heart With the horrible dangers Harbored in the Silence of the Night Trees were busy waving their hands To the rythm of the silent night silent to the ear of man But noisy to the creatures of the night

MYSTERY by Morenikeji Oloye

I could have sworn that I saw a pair of eyes In the middle of the night, piercing through my louvre blades. If they were those of a monitoring demon or my guardian angel, I wouldn’t know ‘cos I could not tell.