TWO-FACED “IGP” by Victor Igiri

doctored or un-doctored, black or white, he is only human for though the sun kings today, tomorrow shall be the moon’s. lies or truths; we deserve some white words so we can appease our souls and boycott the many laughters of the human race; pistol dukes. we are all lunatics on the ‘open field’ sometimes… Continue reading TWO-FACED “IGP” by Victor Igiri


we stood innocently in foursomes suddenly our men in dark uniform seized the road phantomic eyes that inquired our uncriminal direction two battered, buttered, flashy fellows followed besides in agony and pains hesitantly a confused finger pointed at us saying, ‘they’re the ones who beat us!’ our probing eyes met at one resolution sharply guns’… Continue reading …IN THEIR COUNTRY?


Civilians, oh civilians! What are the deeds I have done That you lash me with your tongues? How did I earn this; to be stabbed at the back? Tagged an alien by my own people! Are we no more kins? Why cast me out like a rebellious knight! You smear me before the eyes of… Continue reading SOBERED POLICE


“Park! Park! Park! Wey your particulars?” They bark. Bark! Bark! Harassing us, like a Rottweiler, They spring out from the dark, Pouncing on the innocent Doctor, student, driver, actress… Compounding our daily stress. “Park! Park! Park! Wey your particulars?” They bark! Bark! Bark! But, they seek our colored notes in particular! Vampires, with bloodshot eyes… Continue reading MEN IN BLACK

CRY OF A FATHERLESS SON (still on Aluu by Princess Okolie)

Now on my way home to my Father. I cried out for help, dear mother. Although the door to your heart was ajar, But you could not hear me from so far. My body ached from injuries deep and strange. I could not bear the shame or the severe pain; Lacerations, mutilations and amputations My… Continue reading CRY OF A FATHERLESS SON (still on Aluu by Princess Okolie)