THE GOOD, THE BAD by Dumejes Momalife

Is evil good? Sunlight is planted on their path ”Nemesis will catch up with them” And then, shall those the grim Haram-bombed resurrect? Will the budding breasts Gaddafi soaked in sorrow when he forcefully punctured their hymen become virgin again? ”Nemesis will catch up with them” This consolation no longer consoles.


I. Ashes blown to the air Return dust to the face That blew it Certainly! Life is all about reflections The world reflects back to your face The countenance it projects It’s a mystery! The evil deed of man, Though as a sweet, slow poison With time accumulates interest The harvest is sure! A wicked… Continue reading NEMESIS


You ask why you’re so miserable Why you possess nothing, even a hanging cable How did you expect your ending to be? You thought it would be fruitful and fulfilling? Nah, it can never be like that After all you’ve done to others!? The bribes are nothing but a curse Using your position to raid… Continue reading THE BOOMERANG