MUSIC by Joshua Levites

When the music plays We all shall feel it’s sexiness. All heads jiggling in rhythmic play, Legs trembling in fine pattern The tintinnabulation of bells shall marry the strings. Melodies begotten will be accompanied by smiles and cries shan’t surface. The notes will seduce, many will fall. And after it all ends – the euphoria… Continue reading MUSIC by Joshua Levites

MADNESS IN MUSIC (THE PIANIST) by Ifeoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi

The Pianist, A docile predator, With soothing claws, On his prey; coloured like good and evil. Far from the realm of sanity, He thumbs with maddening strain, The very citadel of his making While lost in some dispatterned symphonies Conjoined by some mystic, Crescendos and diminuendos, As though he were drunk. And like a deceased “mestic” bird… Continue reading MADNESS IN MUSIC (THE PIANIST) by Ifeoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi


Dear old guitar, You have done well; Your sweet soft sounds Make my heart swell To the rhythm and the rhymes That the mouth can’t tell. Oh old guitar, Sing for me; Open my eyes To the things that be, The things that lay in the clear blue sky, That my blinded conscience Could not… Continue reading DEAR OLD GUITAR


Welcome to Africa Mr. White Welcome to Ilaro my friend So glad you honoured my invitation This is The Redeemed Church I know we play your drum kit And blow your saxophone With coloured lightings on the roof I excuse your smiling at our apprenticeship Yet you won’t deny The other melody you can’t comprehend… Continue reading YORUBA DRUMS

MUSIC (Man’s Unique Skills In Creation)

 I love it more than food, it is my best nutrition It nourishes my thoughts and flourishes my meditation It whispers to my soul with the best of modulation Music is the compass that guides my navigation I follow its track because it points to the right direction It is my best companion, perfecting my… Continue reading MUSIC (Man’s Unique Skills In Creation)


Maybe Music has been the cord Binding us to our past Maybe It has ruled as a Lord Casting our devils aside We do hereby pronounce Death and dearth To all insane dance steps And lame, limping, lyrics Bare breasted chicks and tattooed hunks Lines upon lines of repeated gibberish Mediocre language and brainless themes… Continue reading MUSIC UNCHAINED