A CACKLE FOR YOUR CRIES (a response to Soyinka’s Abiku )

I. Again You have come, Visitor That never overstays. I laugh at your cries; An echo of the first time You rented My now weary womb. Do you see tears In my eyes? No, the wells therein are Drier than the desert sand. This time, I pour no libation, For the gods Are drunk from… Continue reading A CACKLE FOR YOUR CRIES (a response to Soyinka’s Abiku )

TO MY UNBORN by Oku-ola Abiola Paul

Please come quickly Mummy awaits you Daily she prays fervently That her dream, of you, comes through Do not delay Mummy is so worried Her beauty fades away If only you knew her before we got married Yesterday your granny came around Called mummy many names Because you weren’t on ground Thank God I was… Continue reading TO MY UNBORN by Oku-ola Abiola Paul


She birthed in me these seeds: Resourcefulness, decorum and faithfulness When my bones recline Trailing the weaknesses of my flesh Her knees become a tripod. With tears she’d watered my hardened soil Made them soft, a nursery bed Where she would plant those seeds That would sprout into an oak That, for ages, would tarry… Continue reading MOMA


A bloody scum Sickening your stomach A dreaded dream Poisoning your mornings A helpless inconvenience Leeching and yet prolific Gone with few potion drops Yet in your thoughts, you visioned me The beauty in my brown eyes Sweet pink ribbons on my curls, The sound of my laughter, And you had faith in my little… Continue reading FAITH IN MY LITTLE LIMBS