I still can’t tell why it is called ‘morning’ shouldn’t it be called the ‘arrival’? To have dissolved through time coursed through space navigating sopor mazes; the cloudscapes,the mountainous dreams, the pockmarked nightmares and sleep-breaks like speedbumps on life’s highway? My neighbour’s car won’t start even while everyone is far gone – logging ‘Zs through… Continue reading CALL IT THE ARRIVAL


Wake up to a new day of new beginnings Wake up to the morning dew from heaven Wake up to the morning glory full of peace Wake up to the sun’s rays, rising, promising, brilliant Wake up to the birds’ chirping, orchestra of angels I know it is tough to get out of bed Especially… Continue reading THE MORNING CALL


I love the blush of early morning breeze, That beams so rosy sparkling over the verdant lawn It gems the crystal dew. The night has melted into a day, The crowing bird breaks the silence then I yawn with a smile, My soul, fresh-winged upsoars as if I’m reborn. Written by: Fred Oreva Edited by:… Continue reading MORNING YAWN