HER SAD WISDOM by Dumejes Momalife

I Fair Matilda formed out of the morning sun This beauty caused rivalry between pantheons and fingers Her frown is more beautiful than the smile of Aphrodite and Venus II Is it possible for a butterfly to ignore a flowering honeysuckle? Mustaches from East, North, West, South came with their baits…


True beauty comes from within Exhibiting the warm kindness That keeps a faint heart beating Giving a radiant smile,deep from the heart Friends and strangers alike,to all earthlings on earth Pretty dust covered with gold Within: dirt, though covering is strong and bold But hearts whose worth are gold dust You’ll find only when you’re… Continue reading CHARACTER


So sick of these questions Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Unfocused agitations Fuse so short and fuse so long “I am better, you are worse” Twisted half-truths, blaring falsehood Benevolence adorned in curse Barren wombs celebrating motherhood In your world, you rule In mine, I reign A glimpse of ‘Red’, you charge like a bull The… Continue reading YONDER PLACE

BLACK BREAST by Dumejes Momalife

Shame on you black breasts Black breasts that pour red gloss on the lips Your lips look like the fowl’s anus Like a goat’s lips dipped in blood Black breasts with nails’ like vulture Shame on you black breasts You bleach to be the sun Face masked with white ash What beauty?! You are like… Continue reading BLACK BREAST by Dumejes Momalife


Awake from slumber, my dear little child! For your days fall to the wails of the wild Like fresh luscious leaves dropping dead From wilting woods that pecker dread The warring worms have eaten your face Down to a dense fragment of disgrace For years abound to mock the wisdom of age As toddling tongues… Continue reading CHILDREN OF TODAY