BLAME IT ON THE MONEY by Emmiasky Ojex

Look at our daughters They now show no ill in laying with men old as their fathers Look at our sons Nothing is holding them back from scamming the green people with their bad brain and laptops Look at our mothers, fathers, the young men and alike; women, They now have no time for their… Continue reading BLAME IT ON THE MONEY by Emmiasky Ojex

CHASING THE TEMPEST by Moses Oluwatobi Adebayo

Many saw I that wrought hard and labor, Toils to succeed, jealous of `s neighbour; Weepings of oppress`d flows as runnels, And no comforters to be their channels; But better it is, A man who die at birth, Happier he’s than eyes not contented of wealth; Why? , they saw no evils done in`s world, No fear O` death… Continue reading CHASING THE TEMPEST by Moses Oluwatobi Adebayo


Alade! Why have you secured your soul With greed? Hunting the shadows of fortune, You have acquired doom From the fading bloom. Ayoade! The creator Sketched treasures on your palm, But thou swapped it, For the ruins of nature; Now your destiny is entombed, In the graveyard of uncertainty. Darkness whispered your name Iyunade! For… Continue reading OLA (WEALTH)


Half way up Isn’t on top Walking half way from down Can’t win you the glorious crown Let heat melt you Or ice freeze your skin to blue. Staying either hot or cold is good form Better than been lukewarm. Like referees’ decider coin Choose head or tail for both can’t con-join. Not same is… Continue reading GOD OR MAMMON?


The world today is capitalist Importance is on cash list greetings will appear on forsalelist I hate the formation of this mist Its trade by batter Its a serious matter Favours for material matter Nothing free on gold plater no free lunch Its a complicated bunch the world in it,is stunch Reason for the disastrous… Continue reading HI, HELLO FOR SALE


To and fro the day’s old shaft living a life of a penny per day a man whose resolve lies in money filled with thoughts of none that is broken and lost to money’s bidding a slave with no shackles yet still bound Don’t be one please Written by: Mugana Dunamis


I pen this down to you My blood, my flesh, my sister I chew these words To feed you in bits Listen sister, Innocence grows to lust When they see your cleavages Ah! Your heavy perfumes Are toxins to male spirits Do you too stand At junctions Waiting diligently For wealthy phalluses Why expose your… Continue reading DEAR SISTER