The anathemas came with some sinful acumen to maim the assiduous citizens of their belongings… But there was no approbations to welcome the hapless visitors; only the cacophony of wrath and repercussions to reward their toils. Judgement day is come! So let both the sowers and the harvest-bands settle some deleterious scores… Some constitutions must… Continue reading JUNGLE JUSTICE

CRY OF A FATHERLESS SON (still on Aluu by Princess Okolie)

Now on my way home to my Father. I cried out for help, dear mother. Although the door to your heart was ajar, But you could not hear me from so far. My body ached from injuries deep and strange. I could not bear the shame or the severe pain; Lacerations, mutilations and amputations My… Continue reading CRY OF A FATHERLESS SON (still on Aluu by Princess Okolie)


They want our eagle eyes To unclothe the dressed lies; We look… They want our rabbit ears To listen to their fawning fears; We hear… They want our braying mouths To speak their mind in shouts; We speak… They want us to pen the words That’ll defeat the evil swords; We write… But on the… Continue reading USED and (AB)USED