PRODIGAL MERCY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

The preacher once told a story Pretty much about our affairs so gory It’s the tale of a prodigal son But isn’t it also of the prodigality Of the father’s generosity? For which father would stand a son Poking him in the eyes While his sun still shines in the sky? Or, which man would… Continue reading PRODIGAL MERCY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko


Selfish, impatient, insecure Gulping out evil! Yet, what a man that you’re mindful of! Mind like deep ocean Unpredictable and unaccommodating Yet, what a man you’re mindful of! Despite the rich history and wonders Passed on from generations past Yet, he forget, doubts, worries, complains What’s he done? Man would say No gratitude What a… Continue reading MY DECREE!


  She’s filthy and it’s no lie She’s guilty and must die That, everyone knows. But mercy said no. On the scale of justice and truth, She ate the forbidden fruit She is a whore A prostitute to the core Instead of leaving her to be brought to book By the poison of the forbidden… Continue reading MERCY SAID NO


Apology is the hardest thing to do Especially with strutting pride in you! Apology soothes the ear like a love song So don’t fail to sing it whenever you’re wrong. Apology comes from a realized conscience And it goes out to those with patience. Apology is not a course taught in school So don’t expect… Continue reading APOLOGY