Liken me not unto another Nor place me on the standards of my brother Let me be the me I know That all my hidden faults may show Question not the tenacity of my wrath Only I know the prickles in my path Scorch me not with the fury of your eyes When I prefer… Continue reading LEAVE ME BE


…here are 35 alliterations riddled sestests written by the ‘me’ hidded inside 35 souls 1. Lofty leaves caressed by dew melodious morning; mesmerizes me bulbous butterflies glowing gleefully but a soft spike sparks the senses a minute mote could form a mountain; only hyena quells the lion’s roar ~ Dennis Dighimini-sanami 2 brother buried inside… Continue reading 35 HIDDEN ‘ME’


IM(P)OSSIBLE Impossible: Imp Possible? Wimp! .. Failure: Fail Lure? Wail! .. Achievable: Achieve Able? Receive! .. Strive Thrive. STANZA 1: Impossible: Imp Possible? Wimp! *Here, I took a journey into the meaning of Impossible: IMP as a noun is a demon that has wings IMP as a verb means to give wings to someone or… Continue reading IM(P)OSSIBLE

NO SWEATING ROCK (a triolet)

I’ll walk on the path of shame Let men sit back to mock! Give me honour, what is fame? I’ll walk  on the path, of shame? Spit, sneer, twist my name; Sweat will not flow from rock! I’ll walk. On the path of shame, Let men sit back to mock! Written by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

THE BACHELOR (poetic ramblings)

Why should I get a wife When I can better handle, than most women, The pot and the knife? Is it for mere companionship? (That I can get from my bearded pals, Pure, emotionless, friendship!] Why worry at closing hours That someone waits to nag at home Even if I bring her flowers? … On… Continue reading THE BACHELOR (poetic ramblings)

THE TUNNEL’S END (enduring till the end)

Although they say My future is bleak, I believe I shall one day Have what I seek! … They may laugh leer At my attempts to succeed, But I do not care I’ll keep sowing my seed For at the tunnel’s end There’s light waiting for me. Then kike a bird, I shall ascend Out… Continue reading THE TUNNEL’S END (enduring till the end)